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Forming technologie

Particularly suitable for the forming of metallic components or semi-finished products

Due to their high strength, hardness, abrasion resistance and low adhesion tendency, our ceramic components are particularly suitable for the forming of metallic components or semi-finished products. They offer a long service life, low maintenance costs and a consistent surface quality of the resulting rolled and formed products. 

Our experience has included forming rolls for the cold rolling of aluminum foil or silicon nitride forming stencils for the deep drawing of cooking pots or molds for thixoforming.

Thanks to their excellent high-temperature properties such as fracture toughness, oxidation ability and thermal shock resistance, silicon nitride forming stencils can be used not only for cold forming but also hot forming of metals. For example, as forming, guide or brake rolls for hot rolling of stainless-steel wire. A material variant developed by us has recently even made it possible to hot-form Nickel-based superalloys. 


Alongside this, in the glass industry cutting blades or molds made of silicon nitride or other refractory materials can be used.       


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