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Steatite ceramics

Dielectric strength, aging resistance, mechanical strength, temperature resistance - perfect for metal/ceramic component solutions.

Steatite is a ceramic material based on natural raw materials. It consists of soapstone (Mg(Si4O10)(OH)2), which is also the main component, a natural Magnesium silicate with additions of clay and feldspar or Barium carbonate.

Steatite ceramic is suitable for metal/ceramic component solutions and even for applications that require reduced permittivity. High-strength, vacuum-sealed metal-ceramic solder joints between fusible alloys and steatite ceramics can be produced. This results in higher thermal shock resistance at high pressure but also increased transparency to microwave frequencies.

Steatite impresses with its very good dielectric strength, aging resistance, UV radiation resistance, high mechanical strength, a temperature resistance and dimensional stability up to 1000°C. In addition, there is the tracking resistance and it is nonflammable.

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