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Zirconia ZMK 3.0

Mechanical strength, wear and chemically resistant - predestind for highest demands

This material is a white, partially stabilized Zirconium oxide and is used for high mechanical stress situations. Zirconia ceramics are partially stabilized with Magnesium oxide and are conversion strengthened. This material offers superior mechanical and chemical properties to meet the high service requirements of many industries. ZMK is more stable than Yttria-stabilized Zirconia in high temperature, (220°C and higher), as well as  high humidity environments.

In cyclic fatigue environments, the partial stabilization adds impact strength and durability to components. ZMK has low thermal conductivity and a linear coefficient of thermal expansion similar to cast iron. It is therefore an ideal partner for ceramic-metal assemblies. Furthermore, this material is characterized by its very good mechanical and wear resistance. But also the high chemical resistance and impact strength contribute to the positive properties profile.

This material is ideally suited for ceramic bearings, pump pistons, precision valve seats, balls and seals or as roller guides for pipe forming. It is also suitable for the manufacture of components for drilling tools used in the production of oil and gas.

800 °C
650 MPa
dichte =
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