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Zirconia ZYK 3

Mechanical strength, wear and chemically resistant - predestind for highest demands

This is a tetragonal partially stabilized Zirconia with outstanding strength values. It contains Yttrium oxide which accounts for about 5% of the total content. The addition of Yttria leads to a poly-crystalline structure with initial cubic and tetragonal modification of the Zirconia. The tetragonal portion transforms when the material is processed or subjected to mechanical stress in use. This occurs due to crack peaks or tensile loading and is accompanied by volume increase into the monoclinic phase.

The phase transformation ensures that any microcracks that develop are closed, thus achieving excellent toughness properties and very high impact strength. In addition, this material has high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance and abrasion resistance coupled with a high thermal shock resistance all of which testifies to ZYK 3's value.

These properties make ZYK-3 perfect for the production of pump and valve components, blades and sheaths, mill components or for the manufacture of components required for the production of canned goods or metal packaging. But also suitable as a material for welding and dowel pins both for applications in the automotive field.

1000 °C
1150 MPa
dichte =
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