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Coating technology

Ceramic coatings - extremely thermally and electrically insulating, wear-resistant, and have low friction.

QSIL is also represented in coating technology with material that can withstand the highest demands. We manufacture nozzles, adjoining components and crucibles, which are wear-resistant, safe and extremely economical even under the most difficult conditions such as high abrasion, chemical loads and heat.

Our ceramic coatings on ceramic, steel or aluminum components are extremely thermally and electrically insulating. They are also wear resistant, low friction and provide longer machine run times due to our meticulous surface finishing. Further, the above beneficial properties can be fine tuned to your specification. Send us your problem, we will have the solution.

Among other products, we offer...


Ceramics with glazed surface attract less dirt and are easier to clean. The temperature resistance of glazed parts is 1200 °C/2192°F.

Thick film process

With printing processes such as screen printing or high-precision manual application, we are able to apply metal and metal oxide layers with a thickness of 10-40 µm. This allows an insulator to be selectively made conductive and/or to take on new surface properties. If required, for example, to improve solderability with maximum vacuum tightness these layers can be nickel-plated.

Thin film process

With these methods we are able to achieve specific optical effects or special electrical properties in already metallized components. This is usually done in several layering sequences to optimize the adhesion of the functional layer and the stabilization of the properties. These layers have a thickness which can range from a few nanometers to a few micrometers and are suitable for soft soldering processes. A typical application would be shielding from electromagnetic fields.

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