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Metering and feed pumps

Cross-contamination- free conveying of melts, fluids, bulk materials

When metering or conveying particulate-containing corrosive fluids, melts and/or bulk materials, severe wear and/or corrosion can often be incurred against conveying elements and piping components. This damage not only reduces the service life of the metering or conveying equipment, but can also lead to cross-contamination of conveyed or metered material. 

For this reason, pump technology components are increasingly made from Silicon nitride or Silicon carbide ceramics. Examples include screw conveyors, plungers and rods, pump impellers or pipe liners, if customer and process-specific requirements are correspondingly high.

Pumps, metering and conveying equipment can also be used in aluminum or non-ferrous foundry technology, where all components in contact with the melt and slag are made of Silicon nitride. 

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