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Precision Components for Apparatus Engineering

High electric resistance and resistance to high temperatures

Precise ceramic components with high surface qualities are required in plasma, microwave and laser applications (e.g. insulators, housing parts, electrical feedthroughs / plugs). This is where use is made of the high electric resistance and the resistance to high temperatures of the materials.  
In plant engineering, shower heads to distribute corrosive gases are used to produce semi-conductor components. The decisive criteria for this process are the purity and corrosion resistance of the ceramics.  
QSIL Ceramics has specifically developed ceramic materials for this kind of applications. 

  • Customer-specific components based on dimensional drawings e.g. for plasma and microwave applications as well as laser components 

  • dimensions up to approx. ø500 mm, with a length of up to approx. 600 mm 

  • close dimensional tolerances and high surface qualities, as required 

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