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Tools Used in Forming Technology

High performance tools used in forming technology

Forming technology offers a wide field of activities for ceramic materials. Zirconium oxide allows for maximum performance under this load. The tool as an interface between machine and work piece is exposed to particular loads. 

The energetic transformation takes place at the tool. A movement changes into deformation. A tool is supposed to perform this task in a safe, reliable and durable way under such extreme conditions. Examples showing such applications are: 

  • Pipe or wire bending 

  • wire drawing 

  • calibrating 

  • clinching and riveting 

  • deep-drawing 

  • flanging 

Zirconium oxide is a particularly well-suited material. Its tribological behavior allows high-performance processes i.e huge deformation work at high sliding speeds. Despite a high power density, the wear resistance ensures a long life with the given process parameters. 

Furthermore, the Young's-modulus provides a compliant behavior in contact strain (Hertz voltages). 

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